Monitoring &


Henson Group is an Azure Expert MSP and delivers server, VM and PaaS monitoring, reactive support, and IT administration, at a fraction of the cost of building an internal team. With 24/7 year-round support, our 650+ certified technicians address and troubleshoot any alerts in your cloud and/or on-premise environments. Best of all, Henson Group requires no annual contracts or commitments.

Henson Group’s Managed Services reduces TCO for on-premise and cloud environments while providing a predictable monthly cost. Henson Group's skilled experts act as an extension of your IT team, enabling CIOs to reallocate key IT skill sets to gain competitive advantage through improved processes and systems. Our MSP pricing is simple and transparent at $225 per VM/Server.

Our comprehensive offering includes the items below.

  1.    Server/VM Monitoring, Alerting and Troubleshooting
  2.    PaaS Availability Alerts and Troubleshooting
  3.    Escalation path to Microsoft Premier
  4.    Scheduled Installation for Microsoft Updates
  5.    AV Updates and Infection Remediation
  6.    Scheduled Server Reboots with Maintenance Mode  
  7.    Setup and Verification of Server and Database Backups
  8.    Quarterly Optimization and Security Assessments
  9.    Custom notification schedules and delivery based on severity for VMs
  10.  Online Access to View Tickets, Alerts, and Reports
  11.  General Advisory and Administration Tasks


Why Choose The Henson Group?

  • Over 15 years experience

  • Most employees are former Microsoft employees, giving us access to:

    • Microsoft executives and product groups

    • Code and knowledge not generally available to our competitors

  • Free Microsoft Premier Support on all projects

  • Implementations at a fraction of the cost our competition charges

  • ISO 9001 and 27000 certified

  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back on any project

  • Recognized by industry with numerous awards, including "Microsoft Partner of the Year" 5x